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Personalized Design and Wardrobe Organization in Montreal

In Montreal, Laval and surrounding areas, Bien Rangé takes care of organizing wardrobes and creating personalized and sophisticated designs.


New Launch

We have launched a new division of Bien Rangé that specializes in working with select manufacturers and contractors to provide beautifully constructed closets and storage pieces that maximize space while offering functional organization that goes beyond standard custom closets.


Do you live in Montreal, Laval or surrounding areas? Would you like to enjoy a custom-made wardrobe? Bien Rangé has the perfect solution for you.

All Your Clothes and Accessories at Your Fingertips!

Do you want a functional wardrobe that will show off your clothes? We have storage solutions for you. Take advantage of our closet organization service.

Wardrobes for Every Room

We create wardrobes and prefabricated closets (Ikea style) for all your rooms: bedroom, hallway, linen room, children's rooms and more. Our expertise also extends to the following items:

Entrances and vestibules

Design and installation

Seasonal clothing (organization, sorting and storage solutions)

Before / After

Simplify Your Life

Our organizer takes care of your home and office.

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